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Ramadan Notion Planner Template

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Plan your blessings. Find calm in the chaos.


As we’re into Ramadan month, we decided to create a Ramadan Notion Planner to help all Muslims around the world perform their duties better.

We discovered it's a great use case for Notion to plan, record, and track things like missed Fasting days or Prayer duty.


  1. Ramadan’s Goals To-do list
  2. Past Ramadan Reflection Points
  3. Prayer Times widget
  4. Prayer Journal
  5. Quran Tracker
  6. Ramadan Good Habits Tracker
  7. Gift Planner
  8. Meal Planner
  9. Ramadan Kids Tracker


By using Ramadan's Goals To-Do list and Past Ramadan Reflection points. 

You'll be able to thoroughly plan out what you want to achieve in this Ramadan month based on what you've learned from previous Ramadans.

The use of a Prayer Journal and a Quran Tracker allows you to record and track the duties/activities that you have done.

Similarly, the Ramadan Good Habits Tracker enables you to track your Fasting duty as well as other supporting activities like exercise.

Meal Planner is ideal for those who want to prepare Suhoor and Iftar meals in advance for family and friends at home.

Gift Planner allows you to list the recipient's information as well as the store location where you can find those gift items.

Finally, the Ramadan Kids Tracker is designed to keep track of how your children perform during the Ramadan month, whether it's about Fasting or Prayer activities.

We do hope you’ll find it useful and may you have a blessed Ramadan.

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1. What is Notion?

Notion is a single space where you can think, write, and plan. Capture thoughts, manage projects, or even run an entire company — and do it exactly the way you want.

2. Do I have to pay to use Notion?

No, Notion does offer a free plan with no strings attached.

3. How will I receive a template?

Once you've made your purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate this template to your Notion workspace.

4. Can I customize my template?

Of course, you can. You are free to customize it according to your style.

5. Got questions?

Please feel free to ask me or leave feedback via email at or DM me @heycalvins on X

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• Ramadan’s Goals To-do list • Past Ramadan Reflection points • Prayer Times widget • Prayer Journal • Quran Tracker • Ramadan Good Habits Tracker • Gift Planner • Meal Planner • Ramadan Kids Tracker

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Ramadan Notion Planner Template

6 ratings
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